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"our vision is to make philanthropy easier, efficient, and engaging. we believe everyone should vote with their dollars, not only as a consumer or as an investor but also as a donor.

the movement we've seen in fintech with wealth management platforms should also happen in the philanthropic world.

With over $471B in donations and 1.5M+ nonprofits just in the US, it can be hard to find the right organizations to support, measure the impact of their work, and have access to efficient ways to give, and this is why we are building giveback: to help donors to create and manage giving portfolios."

rochelle silveira

(co-founder & CEO)

& ba minuzzi



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umana venture studio ("UVS") unites stellar women operators, purpose-driven brands and loud voices. UVS exists to provide the influential voices of our generation the resources to be loud, responsible, and authentic. that might happen by co-building a startup together or having a celebrity matched with a purpose-driven brand for endorsement deals. Ba acts as the behind-the-scenes co-founder of the companies they build in-house.


their debut happened with snack tbh, matching the loud voice of Noah Schnapp with experienced CPG operator Elena Guberman, while Ba oversees the venture. they already achieved $1M in revenue, 161k followers on Instagram, 200k+ on TikTok, and 500 doors in retail in their first year of operations.