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a charitable giving account is called a donor-advised fund (DAF). DAFs are a simple, flexible, tax-efficient way to give to your favorite charities and make impactful investments.

donor-advised funds:  
the most tax-advantageous way to give

guarantee your tax deduction

a key benefit to a DAF is that you can donate now, and take your time to consciously build a diversified giving portfolio guided by giveback, and already receive your tax deduction.


how do DAFs work?


you can contribute cash, stocks, crypto, or other assets to a DAF. when you contribute to a DAF, you are eligible to take an immediate tax deduction, which may significantly benefit you while preparing your annual taxes.


the contribution may then be invested, and donors can recommend grants to qualified nonprofit organizations over time. additionally, assets and capital may be dispersed from the DAF in additional ways (including investments and contractual arrangements).

 how to use a DAF with giveback?

step 1
open your giveback account


step 2

contribute cash, cryptocurrency, stock, or other assets


step 3

take an immediate tax deduction


step 4
build your giving back strategy

recommend grants to charities

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